Problem:  The CEO of a noted chip manufacturer was being replaced after years of declining profits and productivity.   Problems in the relationships between support staff arose in his office during the transition and added further tension.

Solution:  A group presentation described the range of likely emotions employees were feeling and helped them to understand the emotional impacts of organizational transitions. They were taught stress reduction techniques and relationship – building ways. The transition to the new CEO then continued unhindered.

Problem:  A plane crash at a major airport cancelled takeoffs and landings. Frustrated and frightened passengers increased demands upon the counter employees during a time when the employees were experiencing personal trauma from witnessing the crash.

Solution: The employees were offered individual counseling sessions wherein they had the opportunity to discuss their unique needs, and coping strategies were created to best address their individual situations. Mothers with small children, for example, were shown how to combine quality time with their youngsters and at the same time create opportunities for soothing their own stress.

Problem: A CFO for a prominent computer corporation had an affair with an employee. The employee’s spouse was employed by the same company and upon learning of the affair committed suicide.

Solution: Groups were held for different employee associations to work through the traumatic event. Given that many diverse cultures were represented wherein open talk about feelings is not acceptable, the focus was placed upon the common death and rebirth philosophies that are present in all cultural groups. Emotions were managed well in a symbolic way.