The unique demands of our time necessitate new means of psychological interventions. According to Dr. James Doty, M.D.,  Director of Stanford University Center on Compassion and Altruism Research in Education,  stress, anxiety and depression are the greatest health care costs to businesses.  He refers to an “epidemic of depression.” Companies do not pay enough attention to the well-being of their employees, he suggests.

Bette Kiernan, MFT, brings her years of experience fostering compassion for self and others into organizations.  She also uses the patterns in myths, nature, and dreams to generate new ways of thinking, creativity, and innovative solutions to complex problems. Adept within corporate as well as individual and group therapeutic settings, her transformative style yields a renewal of positive directions that enables companies to vigorously move forward towards productive ends.

Services for Corporations

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  • Crisis Management
  • Stress Reduction
  • Creativity Enhancement
  • Trainings

Corporate mergers, employee relationship problems, upper -level management transitions, and force reductions are hidden opportunities that upon deeper exploration yield meaningful new directions.

Crisis Intervention for Corporations

Pressure to succeed in Silicon Valley is intense.  Fueled by the area’s fierce competition,  high cost of living, increased population, housing scarcity, traffic congestion, and expectations for long working hours, stress among Silicon Valley workers and their families is at an all-time high. Employees are frequently anxious at work. It may be fear of interacting with the boss, or that a new person may replace one’s job, or a pending layoff. With diversity as the norm, interpersonal challenges add to the difficulties. Evidence for these strains is pervasive. Our high divorce rate, incidence of substance abuse, road rage, addictions, insomnia, suicides, and domestic violence are examples of psychological problems that can undermine work and family lives.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities for Personal Growth

The unique demands employees face require new approaches and time-critical interventions.  This is where Bette Kiernan, Marriage and Family Therapist, can help.  Ms. Kiernan has 30 years of Bay Area experience helping individuals in corporate, group, and individual therapeutic settings find meaningful solutions to life’s challenges.  Her approach aims to transform life and employment challenges into stepping stones toward higher development and creativity.  Ms. Kiernan’s transformative style has helped hundreds of individuals find new and more positive pathways around both unexpected events and life’s inevitable obstacles.  The goal is always for each person to reach his or her highest potential.

Offering a Clear, Positive Path through Disruptive Events

Ms. Kiernan specializes in on-site corporate crisis intervention in large group and individual settings. She has guided employers and employees through life-altering events, including death and suicide, plane crashes, train accidents, major reductions in work force, workplace violence, facility fires, bank robberies, and major organizational changes. Whether articulated or not, the emotions around these and other stressors can be highly disruptive to organizations in terms of lost productivity. The Dalai Lama, speaking at Santa Clara University in 2014, suggested that companies “include teaching of compassion, teaching of warm-heartedness.” Ms. Kiernan can bring this compassion and warm-heartedness into workplace crises.

Anticipating Employee Concerns Before they Undermine Productivity

When employees learn techniques to cope with strong feelings and view the circumstances through a positive filter, they are better equipped to focus on their jobs.  That means companies benefit through unimpaired focus on corporate and personal objectives:

  • Greater workplace stability
  • Greater work satisfaction
  • Lower absenteeism

Beyond Crisis, a Path toward Higher Creativity

Moving beyond disruptive crises, Bette Kiernan also designs group activities that enhance creativity and personal relationships.  Using techniques for positive visioning, she addresses issues that build awareness, create tighter bonds between staff members, and change stress into new works. For example, she helps staff recall the founder’s vision through telling the story of the company’s origination and development. By expanding upon the qualities that initially built the corporation, such as the belief in the value of new technologies and of a focus upon employee well being, she helps staff use these same means to generate new productivity and renewed excitement in the present.


My fee for psychotherapy is $170.00 for each session. My fee for corporate interventions is $250.00 each hour.

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. I participate on some insurance panels. Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

  • Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many psychotherapy sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
  • What is the co-payment?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

If insurance does not pay for services, even if you believe it is covered, then personal payment is required.

Reduced Fee

Reduced fee services are available on a limited basis. I am glad to discuss this with you.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours advance notification is required for a cancellation. Payment is required for a missed session, or for one without requisite notice.


If you have further questions, please do contact me:
(650) 324-3639