Bette Kiernan, MFT

845 Oak Grove Avenue, Suite 110
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 324-3639

crop_edit_Mattie4_copy-lo-fiI have a private psychotherapy practice in Menlo Park, California.  I create a new therapy for the special needs of each  client. A unique combination of Jungian, Cognitive, Buddhist, Psychodynamic and Systemic therapies comprise my work. Dream, mythic, and nature patterns and their associated personal meanings are also utilized as a way to foster new, more adaptive ways of thinking, creating and intuitive knowing.

As an innovative social theorist, I presented groundbreaking solutions at MIT’s International Conference on Media in Transition. As a featured journalist for Splash Magazines Worldwide, I review  highly acclaimed ballets and classical music performances. I am a  graduate of Lasell College in Aubundale, Massachusetts.

I emphasize the application of scientific research results, demonstrating the human ability to effectively intervene in our own brains to change our moods, emotional states, and physiology. After I train my clients to soothe and comfort themselves, they soon learn how to transform their dark feelings into positive, energetic coping strategies. Kindness shown to oneself in stressful situations becomes the natural response to others as well and becomes the means to create warm relationships in the outer world.

I encourage clients to connect to nature to understand better the reality of constant change, loss, and the assurance of new beginnings. For example, depression, like winter darkness, shifts into a brighter state when spring arrives.  When we apply these lessons from nature to our personal lives, a more accepting way emerges that softens disappointments and points a way to shape these experiences into creativity and wider vistas.

I help my clients connect to their favorite fairy tale from childhood as the way to know the essential patterns that will lead them toward their own happy endings. The deep truths embodied in fairy tales, which depict complex developmental processes and group dynamics and afford the means for transforming the pain of psychological wounding into creativity, allow them to be interpreted, reinterpreted, and expanded upon in an infinite number of ways to allow individuals to comprehend their environment and their personal difficulties and to construct guides to action through enhanced knowledge.



She is a member of:

    • American Group Psychotherapy Association
    • Northern California Group Therapy Association
    • California Association of Marriage Family Child Therapist
    • Santa Clara Valley Association Marriage Family Child Therapists.
    • International Association of Group Psychotherapy

The paintings on this site are by Marcio Melo (, a Brazilian artist living in Quebec, Canada.  Both Mr. Melo and Ms. Kiernan through their respective works, direct their efforts toward bringing more light, creativity and harmony into the world.